Monday, January 14, 2013

"All You Can Do Is Do Your Best"

As I left the very populated grocery store that I frequent the "Cart Man" and I had a conversation. He is one of the Helping Hands crew members to assist people with their groceries and bring the carts back from the lot into the store. This particular Cart Man has some obvious special needs and also has the work ethic of an Ox. No matter what day or time I go to this store he seems to be working. No matter the weather, he's out there; Offering to load up groceries and diligently lining up and hauling rows of carts back through the lot.
As I handed him my cart after loading up my groceries he says 'Don't bump me!'. Oh my, of course I won't bump you! I replied. For the next few minutes he went on to tell me that people come in and out of the lot so quickly that they don't see him and often bump him.
 Once I assured him that I would not bump him we said our goodbyes. As I walked away he yelled out, "All You Can Do Is Do Your Best!!".

This conversations has made me think: Are we really in that much of a hurry that we don't see this man in the parking lot? Is there really something so pressing to get to that we don't have the common decency to look up and pay attention

Is that text really THAT important that you can't wait two minutes and look up and say 'Thank You' to your cashier? (....guilty...)

And I'm not just talking about in the grocery store. I'm talking about in LIFE. Why are we always in such a hurry? Why are we always on our phones? What has happened to LIVING? 

Is there really an email so earth-shattering that is going to be in your inbox since you checked it 5 minutes ago? (...guilty....)

I mean, I'm all for the time-suck that is Facebook, but really. Will those status updates still be there if you don't check it every 10 minutes? (...guilty....)

All You Can Do Is Do Your Best. This phrase has been resonating in me ever since he said it. What if we all had this mentality. Every. Single. Day. To do our best.

What if we all just SLOWED DOWN and lived every day in our BEST way possible.

And so this blog was born. On this 14th day in January, 2013. It will document my journey of slowing down and giving it my best. Feel free to follow along for the ride.

"All You Can Do Is Do Your Best." -Helping Hands Crew Member at Wegmans